Hand balancing man

He spent 4 years in there at first training in many Circus disciplines and then gradually switching mainly to handbalancing after being inspired by videos of professional Circus Artists shown to him and his fellow Circus friends and classmates by their teacher. It became his goal to become Circus performer and one way to do it was Kiev Circus School located in the Capital of Ukraine which Republic of Moldova shared border with. At the age of 15 Andrey entered Kiev State College of Circus and Variety Art.

During 4 years there Andrey was taught by Vitold Kuvshinov who’s a former teacher of Europe’s most famous handbalancer Anatoliy Zalevskiy.

While in Circus School, in 2002 Andrey went on to perform in Germany for the first time in Palazzo Variete with Circus Theater Bingo.

In 2005, Andrey was invited to join "Le Reve" an aquatic show at "Wynn Las Vegas Hotel". After having worked at "Le Reve" for 3 years he went ton to join other shows, one of which was a 9 month, 90 city North American tour.

Andrey currently is a freelance artist excited to work on as many projects as possible. All to create more art.


Beautiful, and possibly the most precise and elegant equilibre work I’ve ever seen. This is next-level stuff, Andrey is metahuman. - Fan review

I think Andrey Moraru is, by far, the best handbalancer in the world. It is so refreshing to see someone not only taking the technique to such an unbelievably high standard but also to infuse it with such an elegant and subtle sense of motion in a dance point of view. - Guillermo Just, Yoga Instructor