always in motion

During his 16 years as a high level gymnast, Mathieu was the kid that couldn’t get enough at the gym. Not the common little boy, he begged his Mom to get Gi-Jo’s to reply tumbling sequences. This is how he thought himself the full twist layout. After his gymnastic career, Mathieu searched a ways to push further his limits. His sister showed him a circus DVD that awakened the dream. Since then, he understood that beyond movement, the human body can also express emotions, tell a story. Mathieu love performing and constantly looks for unique ways to do it.

But, in his early 30’s, Mathieu was attacked by chicken pox. It may sound crazy but he almost died from it. The pimples were all over his body and inside his lungs. It was a real fight to come back from it and that engaged a creative process to a new «me». He now wants to tell the world that no matter what happens, you can always come back and start over in your own unique way. As an acrobatic artist, Mathieu is the creator of new innovative circus acts.

Since then, he’s been performing for Cirque du Soleil, Circus Roncalli, TV shows such as Le plus grand cabaret du monde, Special Events worldwide, etc... and He’s the winner of US Aerial innovative & unique apparatus 2016.

Life is about pushing yourself to the limit, and then going a little bit further...

During spring of 2018, he’s been preparing his latest show "Destination B612" with the Anyway team as a residency in Melle (France). The following clip results from tyhis work :

He then started performing this choregraphy live like here in the Metullum (France) :

A short making-of of his last preparation in South-West of France (with subtitles) :